The Highlighted Title section of the Independent Publisher Industry recognizes the best of the newly released, independently published titles received and reviewed by their editorial staff. The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football has just received this recognition.

A book selected as a Highlighted Title exhibits superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design and production quality. Being chosen as an Independent Publisher Highlighted Title brings well-deserved attention to the book, author, and publisher, and the credibility and recognition that can lead to further reviews, publicity, and sales.

In the words of Jim Barnes, Editor, Independent, “Michigan State fans of all ages will appreciate The Tradition Continues - Spartan Football. Opening this lavishly illustrated book is like entering Spartan Stadium on game day, as the Demos brothers recall thirteen decades of sights and sounds and detail the eras of Spartan ball with eclectic anecdotes and vivid imagery. This book perfectly captures the heart, passion, and history of the football team, while the tradition truly continues!”

The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football, with “Foreword” written by George Blaha and comments by Tom Izzo, is a Limited Edition Classic Illustrated Spartan football history book. Over 124 years of football highlights are documented with1970 illustrations. Spartan Fans have never seen many of the items revealed in this book. The book can be previewed and purchased at or by calling 800-541-3789.

This is a one of a kind book which is bound in a Spartan Green Leather like cover with stamped foil letters and comes with a colorful dust jacket.

Many former players have recollected their experiences while taking the historical and Traditional “Walk” from Kellogg Center to Spartan Stadium. The book shows the transformation from the old to the new items that have made up the Spartan Traditions as well. Included is a history of our marching band and how they have become such a significant part of the Tradition at Michigan State University.

All the proceeds from the book sales are being donated by Constantine S. Demos and Steven S. Demos, M.D. to the University for the Football Program.