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The following comments are taken from many distinguished individuals who have taken the time to review initially The Tradition Continues-Spartan Football.


“The Demos brothers have done an outstanding job in capturing the past and present passion and traditions that Spartan fans have embraced throughout our history. Its detailed and photographic account brings our rich past alive for all Spartans, young and old. The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football is a must read for every lifelong Spartan.”

Mark Dantonio
Head Football Coach
Michigan State Spartans
"The mission of the MSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to gather and engage our community to teach, support, and celebrate our student-athletes in their quest for excellence. The Tradition Continues - Spartan Football captures the meaning of our Department's mission for the sport of football in a complete descriptive and photographic manner. It touches the lives of former student-athletes, alumni, supporters, community, and staff. The memories and celebrations are endless, page after page."
Mark Hollis
Director of Athletics
Michigan State University

"I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to be a part of this special one of a kind book about a one of a kind football program. MSU graduate Constantine Demos and his brother Dr. Steven Demos took on the Herculean task of chronicling, in words and many memory making pictures, the rich gridiron history of the Michigan State Spartans. Thanks to the Demos brothers, you will ride with all of the Spartan teams through the years. "
George Blaha
2007 Michigan Sportscaster of the Year
Voice of MSU Football Radio Network



Like me, each of you have your own unique reasons for your devotion and support for Michigan State football. We each have our own indelible memories, whether it be a favorite player, a dignified coach, a defining game or unbelievable play. In writing The Tradition Continues – Spartan Football, Constantine Demos and Dr. Steven Demos have made sure that every aspect of Michigan State football is covered, from the first team to take the field up through our most recent bowl appearance. In the process they’ve documented history with a great collection of photographs guaranteed to make each Spartan fan yearn for the next football Saturday and the next round of memories.

Tom Izzo - Head Basketball Coach


"I spent enough time thumbing through it (The Tradition Continues - Spartan Football) to say with full confidence that it's the most complete, comprehensive book ever written about MSU football. Unbelievable quality and photographs (more than 1,900) from every era."

Joe Rexrode
MSU Sports Reporter
Lansing State Journal


“I have accepted exciting donations of MSU athletic uniforms, equipment and memorabilia and we have used them in many exhibitions. Now I have had the pleasure of providing the best of our football items to be beautifully photographed and integrated into "The Tradition Continues -Spartan Football." No other publication on MSU football has incorporated so much of the actual equipment used by our Spartan heroes nor so many historic photographs.”

“In addition to being a unique visual treat and a wealth of factual information, the book also contains the moving reminiscences of many past players. You will feel that you are actually in the midst of the team as they describe their tradition-filled walk to Spartan Stadium on game day.”

Val Roy Berryman
Curator of History
Michigan State University Museum


“This book highlights a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900's, when President Jonathan Snyder and two significant early coaches, Chester Brewer and John Macklin, took a small agriculture school in Michigan to heights of significant national accomplishments. Together these three individuals established a pattern that was followed by another three individuals, President John Hannah, and coaches Biggie Munn and Duffy Daugherty some fifty years later. That is of having a football program that is the "kind that wins!"”

”We are returning to the greatness of those eras and this book is a beacon for all to appreciate where we have been and where we are on going.”

Robert L. Cantrell
President Downtown Coaches Club
Senior Class President-Class of 1962


“I can’t tell you how enjoyable it was to review The Tradition Continues-Spartan Football. Overall, the writing was excellent and the historical pieces were superbly written and an absolute pleasure to review and learn from. This book will make a significant contribution to the Football Athletic Program and to the University.”

Lou Stamatakos
Former Professor of Higher Education, Administration at MSU
Dean of Men Students at University of Texas, El Paso and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Indiana


“Great Job! This football book is a must for any Spartan football fan, alumni, or friend of Michigan State! It presents a very thorough picture from the past to the present of Michigan State's football tradition!”

Henry C. Bullough
President, MSU Football Players Association
Former Coach and Player at Michigan State University


"I was privileged to have the opportunity to see a recent version of The Tradition Continues - Spartan Football and was very impressed with the historical content and especially the visual presentation of this unique book. My history with Spartan football is relatively limited, so I look forward to having a copy on my coffee table at home for reference purposes but most importantly, for the entertainment of my relatives and guests. It will be a must buy for all loyal Spartan fans across the country!"

Tim Stedman
Associate Athletics Director for Development
Ralph Young Fund
Michigan State University


"This book is the most comprehensive and intriguing collection of Michigan State University sports information ever. The in depth research and sharing of exceptional artifacts provides the Spartan family with a perspective of our history that highlights the magnificence of our tradition. This book is truly the best of its kind and makes me feel even prouder to be a Spartan."

E. John Shinsky, Ph.D. Department Chairperson
Grand Valley State University
College of Education
Former Academic All-American


“For any Spartan- it will be impossible for you to put this inspiring book down any more than you would drop a pass right in your hands to beat Michigan.

Whether you are a Spartan football fan, a Spartan sports fan, a Spartan Alumnus, a supporter of the Green and White, or anyone else who loves this Great University – you need this book. It will excite you, bring back memories, give you pride - well, what more can be said – It’s a “WOW” book!! One of the best ever.”

Duane Vernon
Past President, Downtown Coaches Club, 1983
Recipient of MSU Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award, 2002
Co-Host, WJIM – AM Radio, Spartan Tailgate Pre-game Show



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